The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The Energy Performance Certificate, more commonly referred to as the EPC, was introduced to England and Wales on 1st August 2007 as part of the Home Information Packs which became essential when selling a property. Although the requirement for the Home Information Pack was eventually removed in May 2010, the government decided to continue with the EPC. In October 2008 all rented properties had to have an active EPC on them by law prior to commencing a tenancy.

Each EPC lasts 10 years and provides the following information:

  • An energy efficiency rating using the A to G scale.
  • A list of recommendations on how to reduce your costs and make your property more energy efficient, i.e. loft insulation, cavity wall insulation etc.
  • An idea on how much it could cost to heat the property, both in it's current condition and should any improvements be carried out.
  • Any grants/schemes the property may be eligible for under the 'The Green Deal' .

'The Green Deal' is being launched by the government in October 2012 and will assist eligible homeowners with upgrades in their property to reduce costs. for more information on this click here.